Защита субъективных публичных прав недропользователей при применении антимонопольного законодательства

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Issue of the spread of Antimonopoly Legislation in the sphere of subsoil use is not so unambiguous. The subsoil law establishes additional anti-monopoly requirements for subsoil use with respect to the General rules of Antimonopoly Legislation. Some scientists reasonably say about the impossibility of direct application of the Antimonopoly Legislation in the sphere of subsoil use. Make conclusions and proposals on the active inclusion of antimonopoly regulations in the Legislation of the Russian Federation on subsoil, which will allow to better realize subjective public rights of subsoil users.


Antimonopoly requirements, antimonopoly legislation; the use of subsoil resources; administrative offences; subjective public rights; anti-trust regul