To The Question Of The Extremism Prevention

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  • Sergey V. Borisov - Doctor of Philosophy (Law), Associate Professor, Leading Researcher of the Scientific Research Institute of the Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Disciplines at the Academic International Institute;
  • Anastasiya S. Vasnetsova - Researcher at the Scientific Research Institute of the Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation

In the present article authors examine issues of combating extremism in the modern world. It is noted that, despite the State and society actions in countering extremism in recent years, significant positive changes in the status, structure and dynamics of extremist offenses in the country did not happen. Authors analyze dynamics of extremist crimes registered over the past years, analyzing most dangerous type of activity - criminal activities of extremist communities associated with the commission of serious crimes. Authors point out, that the important aspect is halting spread of extremist materials. The most urgent problem is the problem of young people incitement to the extremist activity, including the aim of involving them in the preparation and holding of illegal mass protests. The necessary work to identify and bring to justice for inciting ethnic hatred and incitement to violence carried out in the Crimean Federal District. In the study authors note that the results of the work of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation shows that the destabilization of the situation in this area is one of the objectives of neo-Nazi organizations. Spread of extremist ideas becomes an increasing danger to public due to the increased aggressiveness of this ideology and the expansion of its advocacy in the community, and also due to the propagation of certain social groups in the views of the Russian society on the admissibility of the radical course of action to achieve its aims (political, religious, national, social, etc.). In the conclusion, authors summarize that the state and society have the primary responsibility in combating against extremism and terrorism. On this basis, implementation of initiated measures is required for the effective action to protect society against extremist and terrorist threats.


extremism, crimes, illegal actions, operational search activity, law-enforcement activity, law, legislation.

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