Modern Reforming Of Russian International Private Law: Revolution Or Evolution?

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  • Alexandra V. Aleshina - Doctor of Philosophy (Law), Associate Professor of the Department of International Law at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia;
  • Victoria A. Kosovskaya - Doctor of Philosophy (Law), Associate Professor of the Department of International Law at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

In the present article, authors analyzed novels of the conflict regulation of private relations complicated by the foreign element. Authors revise the main stages of reforming provisions of the section VI of the “Private international law" from the third part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. It is shown that these changes are part of the large, complex project of the Russian civil legislation reforming. Authors note that today it is absolutely impossible to imagine any legal system in the world that does not include rules of the private international law. This is due to the fact that private international law is intended to regulate specific public relations that go beyond one state. Authors conducted a comparative legal analysis of dynamics and content of the private international law norms in other countries, especially countries of the European Union. Much attention is paid to problems of the terminology reforming. In the article authors show the advantages of the evolutionary development of private international law in comparison with the revolutionary changes. Law enforcement practice is considered by authors as an indicator of ongoing reforms in the Russian Federation in the sphere of private international law. In the conclusion authors summarize that the conflict of regulation in our country, no doubt, become more detailed and deployed, aimed at keeping the complex legal structures, resulting in relations with a foreign element. Only law enforcement practices can confirm the correctness and timeliness of changes to the Civil Code, and open a new page in the history of private international law.


conflict of normss, reforming, international private law, revolution, evolution, European Union, Russia, Russian Federation.

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