Sources Of Legal Regulation Of The International Commercial Arbitration In Egypt

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  • Sergey S. Shakirov - Associate Professor at the Department of Civil and Labor Law of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia; Deputy Director for Study at the Institute of Law of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia;
  • Anton V. Yakovlev - Doctor of Philosophy (History), Associate Professor at the Department of Land and Ecological Law at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

In the present article the legal regulation of international commercial arbitration in Egypt evolution is researched, legal documents governing operation of international commercial arbitration, general characteristics is given, features of legal norms and legal regulation are pointed out, also legal practice of application is analyzed. Author points out that at first legislation of Egypt was under the strong influence of Islamic law, later the legal system in Egypt was subjected to extensive influence of European law. It is believed that it is the Sharia law that largely caused formation of goals and objectives of modern international commercial arbitration. The main source of the international commercial arbitration activities regulating is the adopted in 1994 Law of Egypt on Arbitration No. 27/1994 (the Arbitration Act). This law was adopted on the basis of the UNCITRAL Model Law on the International Commercial Arbitration (of the year 1985). Prior to the adoption of the Arbitration Act in the year 1994 the international commercial arbitration in Egypt was governed by the Civil Procedure Code, adopted in the year 1968. The Law of Egypt on arbitration contains several differences from the UNCITRAL Model Law. 1) The Model Law has a bit another internal structural division. Articles of the Egyptian Arbitration Act do not have name. The law includes 58 articles, united in 7 parts; 2) Ability of extraterritorial application. Arbitration Act applies to arbitrations conducted in Egypt or when the international commercial arbitration is conducted abroad and agreed to subordinate to this arbitration Act; 3) The Arbitration Act provides additional criteria for the establishment of the international character of arbitration.


Egypt, law, legislation, sources of law, international commercial arbitrage, rights, UNCITRAL.


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