Typology Of The International Judicial Act

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Doctor of Philosophy (Law), Associate Professor of International Law and Law of the International Economic Relations at the Moldavian State University


In the present article results of the complex and comprehensive research devoted to the multilateral research of the international judicial act typology are presented. In the course of the research, conducted by the author, classification criteria of the various categories of judicial acts are marked out. For the detailed representation of the set of existing international judicial acts, a significant amount of concrete acts were used, made by the international judicial instances in the course of legal proceedings and norms of the international common and conventional law application were used. A separate attention in the article was paid by the author to the acts made by the UN International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. In the conclusion author emphasizes that without and even contrary to the existing variety of international judicial acts, and also a set of criteria for their classification, carried-out analysis of acts has rather theoretical than practical value for application. After all, despite the name or specifics of the resolved question, the main feature of the act belongs to its binding character for parties of the international process. And practical introduction of instructions in the text of the act has a direct impact on the established world law and order, touches issues of the international law norms application.


international judicial act, resolution, decision, sentence, International Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights, UN, ECHR.


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