Russian State Functions Carrying in the Field of Criminal Prosecution

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Doctor of Philosophy (Law), Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of the Institute of International Law and Economy named after A.S. Griboyedov


In the present article author examines questions of creating modern Russian institutions and bodies and enforcing criminal penalties of imprisonment, like issues of implementation of their functions. Consideration of issues designated theme is carried from the standpoint of a variety of disciplines, including sociology, cybernetics theory (science) management, legal science, political science, economics and others. Author draws attention to the fact, that in the history of management theory and practice penitentiary for a long time mainly studied and largely continue to be studied from the standpoint and within legal science, especially criminal, penitentiary (forced labor) law. Author paid special attention to the basic functions of the modern Russian state in order to determine the degree of the penal system in their implementation. In conclusion, author concludes that consideration of the penal system as a social organization leads to a number of important findings have both theoretical and practical importance. This approach allows us to introduce this social organization in the form of complex formation, which combines elements of organization and self- conscious and natural, formal and non-formal.


criminal prosecution system, state, subject area, activity, functions, efficiency of administrative decisions, Russia, Russian Federation.


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