1 Olga M. Mesheriakova Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the problem of EU institute's competence expansion
2 Alexander M. Volkov Public management of subsurface use in Russia (years 1992 to 2004 - action of the "two keys principle")
3 Alexander A. Galushkin Rendering of state services on the issue of passports to the citizens of Russian Federation: history, practice, perspective
4 Ekaterina V. Dvoryanskova Private arbitration courts jurisdiction
5 Kseniya S. Lineytseva Institutes of civil society and legal culture in Russian Federation formation
6 Elena G. Konysheva, Irina B. Kardashova About the conflicting of interests on municipal service settlement
7 Nikolay G. By Concept, classification, foreign citizens legal status bases in Russian Federation
8 Irina A. Zaluzhnaya Prosecutor's office actions on the improvement of acts of the subject of Russian Federation
9 Imeda A. Tsindeliani, Julia I. Freydina Concept and content of issuing activity of the state in the context of public financial activity
10 Anastasiya S. Vasnetsova, Sergey V. Borisov Extremism: tendencies, characteristics and questions of counteraction by executive authorities
11 Bek K. Omayev Law-enforcement organizations as subjects of the vandalism general prevention activities
12 Alexander V. Lagutkin, Ludmila J. Grudtsina Civil society and the state in Russia: possibilities for dialogue and cooperation
13 Kseniya S. Lineytseva Structure of legal culture and influence of civil society institutes formation on its development
14 Elena V. Maystrovich Development and improvement of the international space law as a necessary condition for further research and use of outer space by person
15 Ekaterina D. Bolotova, Nina V. Volodina Protection of rights of children and problems of violent treatment of minors in modern Russian society