1 Olga M. Mesheriakova Problem of Supranational and the Sovereignty of Member States of International Organizations
2 Ludmila J. Grudtsina Economic and legal aspects of the system of higher education institutions control in Russia
3 Andrey V. Simakov, Nikolay V. Salnikov, Nina V. Volodina Russian Federation Prosecutor's office role in the state mechanism
4 Volkova N.V. Some questions of the UN activities in the field of cultural rights protection
5 Bek K. Omayev Ciminological characteristic of personal features of vandals by the criminal legislation of Russian Federation
6 Svetlana A. Ivanova Concept of property social function
7 Alexander A. Galushkin, Nazeli A. Karapetyan Topical issues of ensuring openness and publicity of court proceedings and free access to information on activity of courts in Russian Federation
8 Andrey N. Burykin, Kirill V. Ivanenko, Nina V. Volodina Manifestations of state sovereignty in modern world and Russia
9 Nikolay G. By Development of legislation on foreigners during the Soviet period
10 Vera E. Batyukova To the question of the subject of hooliganism determination in the criminal legislation of Russian Federation
11 Artur L. Mironov Concept, contents and types of public administration
12 Boris V. Pizengolts Tax authorities participation in arbitration and civil proceedings in modern Russia
13 Alexander M. Volkov, Galibdzhon B. Sanavvarov The basic principles and the purposes of non-governmental organizations creation and activity in the Republic of Tajikistan
14 Gennadiy A. Torgashev, Lyudmila G. Gornostaeva Religion, moral, rights: general and special
15 Albina R. Batiaeva, Alexander A. Galushkin, Asiyat A. Chomaeva Tax optimization: theory and practice