1 Anton S. Karpov Counteraction on legalization of criminally gained income as an instrument of fight against corruption and terrorism. Creation of corresponding standard and legal base.
2 Bakhtier I. Polvanov Republic of Tajikistan international cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking
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4 Nikolay A. Chesnokov Legal bases of information security in modern conditions
5 Olga B. Boykova Legal relationship and signs in the sphere of personality safety insuring
6 Alexander M. Volkov, Rasulzhon N. Marifkhonov To the question of administrative procedures in the Republic of Tajikistan
7 Olga D. Motasheva About some practical questions of the bodies of prosecutor's office on protection of the right to favorable environment
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9 Denis V. Iroshnikov Review of the Alexander A. Galushkin book "Questions of citizenship and migration in Russian Federation at the turn of centuries (1991-2011)"
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14 Vlasenko A.V. Theoretical and legal status of taxpayers as parties of tax relations in an organizational and legal mechanism of taxation optimization
15 Michael J. Avdeev Inviolability of private life and the right for information: Russian realities and foreign experience