1 Nina V. Volodina Features of relationship of the state and religious associations in the countries of Europe for overcoming of the conflicts on the confessional basis
2 Olga D. Motasheva Prosecutor's office place in system of the bodies exercising supervision in the sphere of ecology
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6 Alexander A. Galushkin Organizational and legal bases of the Russian Federation citizens legal status regulation in the national legislations of the CIS countries
7 Ashley Kim Review of the Alexander A. Galushkin book "Questions of citizenship and migration in Russian Federation at the turn of centuries (1991-2011)"
8 Dmitry E. Zabzalyuk Political and legal doctrine of Catholic church and Cluny reformation of the X-XI centuries
9 Pavel A. Belyakov Work of prosecutor's offices of the states–participants of the CIS with the citizens letters
10 Vladimir G. Bessarabov Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation activities on strengthening legality in the ecology sphere
11 Olga M. Mesheriakova European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States: Comparative Legal Analysis of Mechanisms of Integration
12 Alexander M. Volkov Conflicts in the Implementation of Subjective Public Rights of Public Administration Subsoil Users
13 Bek K. Omayev Vandalism as object preventive effects
14 Irina A. Konovalova Determination of individual measures to prevent minors acquisitive crime
15 Vera E. Batyukova Public danger of hooligan actions: problems of the criminal legislation realization