1 Alexander A. Galushkin Organizing legal regulation of the citizenship questions in bilateral contracts of Russian Federation and multilateral contracts in CIS
2 Alexander A. Galushkin, Aylana Ay-B. Soskal Justice of the peace organizational and legal bases of work in the Republic of Tyva
3 Alexander A. Galushkin, Roman Y. Tolstykh Arbitration courts in Russian Federation: practice, perspective, concept of development
4 Timur E. Melnik Membership in the all-Russia sports federations: controversial questions
5 Veniamin F. Yakovlev Public report made by the adviser of the President of Russian Federation on legal questions
6 Natalja I. Jaroshenko Subjects of constitutional (legal) liability in lawmaking
7 Elena P. Ermakova International commercial arbitration in Chile
8 Nina V. Volodina Supervision and monitoring of compliance with the law on freedom of conscience and actions of religious organizations
9 Svetlana I. Sokolova Criminological characteristics of athlete’s personality
10 Daniil B. Bondarenkо Review of Alexander A. Galushkin scientific book "Questions of citizenship and migration in Russian Federation at a turn of centuries (1991-2011)"
11 Olga M. Mesheriakova Harmonization of Criminal Procedure Rules within the European Union
12 Elena A. Beresneva Self-regulation in the field of sports
13 Alexander M. Volkov, Rasulzhon N. Marifkhonov Institute of administrative procedures and its legislative regulation
14 Olga A. Sporsheva, Sergey V. Shkaev Marauding as independent structure of a crime
15 Olga L. Chechko Service in the bodies of prosecutor's office