Personal features of vandals

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Candidate for Ph.D. (Law) at the Federal State Institution "All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation".


Complexity of modern social processes, aggravation of interpersonal relations, general instability, criminalization, considerable part of the population material neediness, society's moral and ethical crisis, division of globalized society into countries negatively influence society as a whole and especially on its most vulnerable part - teenagers. All of these lift vandalism problem to the new level. Main difference of vandalism from hooliganism should be carried out on signs of the objective and subjective parties of specified criminal action: nature of dangerous actions and especially their consequences, situation of crime commission characteristic, motives. Aim which person making vandalism pursues is always realized by the guilty person and acts as a requirement attracting emergence of motive. By his (her) actions vandal expressed aspiration to achieve recognition from people around of its own importance in an antisocial way. Legal and psychological questions are analyzed in detail, including questions of criminal prosecution in Russian Federation.


vandalism, hooliganism, vandal, criminal punishment, law, crime, destruction of monuments of history, moral.


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