Court of Justice of the EU and Prohibition of Monopolistic Activities in EU Law

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Doctor of Law, Professor at the Department of International Law of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.


In article "Court of Justice of the EU and Prohibition of Monopolistic Activities in EU Law" general review of the European Union antitrust law is given. Author of this article defines a place of legislation on protection of competition in the system of laws of the European Union, considers modern practice of European Court of Justice in the sphere of protection of the competition. Prospects of antimonopoly policy of EU development discussed. In this article bodies of European Union, authorized to make decisions in the sphere of the antitrust law and protection of competition are considered. As a result of the carried-out analysis of European Union's institute functions author comes to the conclusion that the main complexity in antimonopoly policy of the European Union regulation consists of the antimonopoly regulations in all EU member states (special national laws) which are very difficult for harmonizing within the European Union die to various reasons. Case law of the European Union in the sphere of antimonopoly regulation are directed on illumination of legal gaps in the European Union laws, and also to the collisions between EU and national laws, orders of member states of the European Union illumination.


Prohibition of Monopolistic Activities, Case Law, competition, monopolies, control capitalization, natural monopolies, state monopolies. Court of European Union.


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