Legality as a basis of the notary public activity in Russia

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Candidate for Ph.D. (Law) at the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation; President & CEO of the Milhaus Inc.


Establishment and maintenance of justice requires notary public in Russia to follow certain strict requirements set by law and follow social reference points in concrete situation of legal conduct. Fundamental requirement of legality is ensuring rule of law in activity of the notary acts. Establishment and maintenance of legality assumes that notary public would conduct in strict borders of certain set requirements set by state and self-regulatory bodies. Essence of set requirement require each notary public to strictly follow the law regulating notary public's activity while executing state functions of the notary public on the one hand. On another hand, in many cases, actions of notary public correlate with specific to the case law and notary public has to consider its provisions as well. In this article some questions and above problems are discussed in detail.


legality, notary, notarial activity, state, human rights, supervision, control.


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