1 Alexander A. Galushkin, Nikolay N. Marchuk, Valeriy V. Grebennikov Preconditions of the judicial authority reform in Brazil
2 Viktor E. Zenov Reform of teaching civil law subjects and the Bologna process
3 Ekaterina V. Dvoryanskova Arbitration trial in the light of some positions of the competitive legislation
4 Alexander A. Galushkin, Mariam M. Mystafayeva In Moscow the first local branches of The Association of Lawyers of Russian Federation are opened
5 Alexander A. Galushkin, Ilda Kasa, Mariam M. Mystafayeva All-Russia scientific and practical conference "Actual Problems of Public Law in Russia and Abroad" on January 23, 2013
6 Alexander A. Galushkin Institutional framework of implementation of the international law on nationality in the legal system in Russia and CIS
7 Olga M. Mesheriakova Court of Justice of the EU and Prohibition of Monopolistic Activities in EU Law
8 Alexander M. Volkov, Elena A. Lyutyagina The legal status of the public administration. Analysis of the types and forms of activity.
9 Bek K. Omayev Personal features of vandals
10 Vyacheslav S. Kozadaev Legality as a basis of the notary public activity in Russia
11 Ludmila J. Grudtsina Questions of reforming the system of attestation of scientific and teaching staff
12 Vera E. Batyukova Analysis of the Russian and Foreign Legislation on Responsibility for Hooliganism and the Crimes Made from Hooligan Motives
13 Michael J. Avdeev Legal guarantees of realization of the right to inviolability of private life
14 Kamo P. Chilingaryan How to build a successful lawyer career
15 Ludmila A. Bukalerova, Tatyana F. Minyazeva Serving imprisonment in the light of the concept of the penal system development in Russian Federation in 2020 and in modern Norway